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Family Dentistry in City of Colwood

Latoria Dental Centre in City of Colwood offers high-quality family dentistry services. With over 30 years in practice our experienced dentists have earned the trust of generations of City of Colwood families. You can count on us to provide excellent dental care so your family’s teeth will be healthy for a lifetime.

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Children and Teens

During childhood and the teen years your child’s teeth and mouth go through a phenomenal amount of growth and change. From the emergence of their first baby teeth, to having their wisdom teeth removed, your child will experience many changes in their mouth and teeth.

As your family’s dental health partner, Latoria Dental Centre will be with your family every step of the way. We’ll monitor the growth of your child’s baby and adult teeth to ensure they are emerging correctly and to identify and correct any alignment issues. Our hygienists will teach your child how to brush and floss and we’ll teach them how to eat a healthy diet to reduce the risk of tooth decay. To protect your child’s teeth from decay we provide regular professional cleaning and oral hygiene services, including fluoride treatments and fissure sealants.


Seniors have evolving dental health care needs, and we’ll work with you and your caregivers to help you maintain good dental health. We offer friendly and respectful advice on mobility issues, we provide denture services, and we can train caregivers on how to provide dental hygiene care.

Learn more about our family dentistry services by calling our City of Colwood office today.

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