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City of Colwood Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Do you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted?

In most cases, the answer is yes. These large molars, the final adult teeth to emerge, are very prone to being misaligned. This can result in complications such as an impacted molar or damage to your jaws and gums. If an X-ray determines that your wisdom teeth are misaligned and present a risk to your other teeth, we will recommend that they be extracted.

Wisdom teeth are normally extracted before they emerge through the gums. This is done in a surgical procedure. Because of the complicated nature of the procedure we usually recommend a mild sedative in addition to local anesthetic.

When we remove your wisdom teeth we will provide you with information on post-surgical care. Most patients are able to resume normal activities in two to three days.

To book an examination to have your wisdom teeth examined, call our City of Colwood office today.

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