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City of Colwood Periodontics

Periodontics is the specialized branch of dentistry that deals with the gums and tissues around the roots of your teeth. The prevention and treatment of gum disease is an area of particular concern to periodontists as gum disease can cause serious damage to your gums, teeth and surrounding tissue. We provide specialized periodontics services to City of Colwood residents in our practice.

Scaling and root planing

Over time tartar can build up on the roots of your teeth, or small areas on your roots can become uneven and rough. When this happens the gum tissue surrounding the root can become irritated, making it vulnerable to infection. We can smooth the root, and reduce the chance of irritation, by using scaling techniques to remove plaque, and root planing techniques to smooth rough areas.

Tooth extraction

In cases where a tooth needs to be removed we do our best to make the extraction as pain and stress free as we can. We provide restoration and replacement options for extracted teeth, including dentures, bridges and dental implants.

Crown lengthening

When we are placing a crown or filling a tooth, it’s necessary to leave space between the gums and the restoration to prevent inflammation. If a tooth is broken off below the gum line, or if the restoration needs to be placed in an area that is covered by your gum, it’s necessary to remove gum tissue to “lengthen” the crown of the tooth.

Gum disease can have serious consequences for your health. If you suspect you may be suffering from gum disease, book an appointment with us today.

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