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City of Colwood Cosmetic Dentistry

Did you know that small changes to the appearance of your smile can have big results?

We provide cosmetic dentistry services to enhance, shape and change the aesthetics of your smile. Whether you want a small touch-up or a more comprehensive makeover, we can help you get the results you want.


We can reshape your teeth to improve the spacing between teeth, change the shape of your teeth, or remove chips and stains. The process is painless and can be done in a single appointment.


To make changes to the shape of your teeth, reduce the spaces between teeth, or mask stained or discoloured areas of your teeth, we use a special technique called bonding. We apply a special dental compound that fills in or covers over the areas we are looking to enhance. When the compound hardens it bonds to your teeth and matches their colour perfectly.

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic crowns are specially-designed crowns that are used for cosmetic dentistry. These crowns are made from a high-quality ceramic that mimics the natural enamel of your teeth, making them almost indistinguishable from your other teeth. They are used to completely make over the appearance of a single tooth.


Our office uses CEREC computer-assisted dental technology to produce ceramic dental restorations such as crowns. With CEREC we can design and create restorations with almost total control over their shape and appearance, allowing us to produce crowns that are a perfect fit for your mouth. Best of all, CEREC allows us to produce a crown in a single appointment so you can change your smile almost instantly.

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